A leading choreographer, performer, and educator based in Chennai, India, Bharatanatyam artiste Sheejith Krishna studied, taught, and performed at the world-famous Kalakshetra Foundation for a span of 21 years, from 1989 to 2010.

Now director of his own Sahrdaya Foundation Centre for the Arts and Repertory Company, he continues to serve the field of dance in India and around the world, creating original works and upholding classical standards of excellence.

Choreography and Performance

A lead performer in the Kalakshetra Repertory, Sheejith Krishna played the roles of both Rama and Ravana in Rukmini Devi’s legendary six-part Ramayana. He went on to choreograph Masquerade (2007), an adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’s Man in the Iron Mask.

His original ensemble productions include:

  • Ram Katha (2016) an ensemble adaptation of the Ramayana through bhajans
  • Don Quixote (2015) ~ an ensemble adaptation of the classic novel by Miguel de Cervantes
  • Pravaaha (2013) ~ the journey of cloud, rain, and river, a thematic retelling
  • Krishna Bharatam (2009) ~ the story in dance of Krishna in the Mahabharata

Awards and Honors

~Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar (2007), Sangeet Natak Akademi, a national award for outstanding artists who have shown/demonstrated conspicuous talent in the fields of music, dance, and drama

~Yagnaraman Award for Excellence in Dance (2010), Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai.

~Ram Gopal Award for Best Male Solo Artiste (2015), Attendance, prestigious yearbook on Indian dance.

Director, Sahrdaya Foundation 

In 2011, Sheejith Krishna launched Sahrdaya Foundation Centre for the Arts with a threefold focus on education, performance, and community outreach.

The Sahrdaya Repertory Company was simultaneously established with a view to creating and producing cutting-edge choreographic works in the Bharatanatyam idiom.

In its mission and vision, Sahrdaya Foundation emphasizes humility, goodness, and love for humanity as a first step for any artist.